Shari Berkowitz in Switzerland for her first European trip post pandemic!

PlayPilates is thrilled to host Shari’s Workshops and Masterclasses. Join Shari the creator of  TheVerticalWorkshop for a fun weekend where you get to learn and discover tools, ask lots of questions. Shari will also be teaching Semi-private sessions on Friday afternoon. You can register HERE below for the whole weekend, for one day or for one workshop. You will be re-directed to our Online app Bsport – where you need to create an account.

For any question, please contact Karine by mail or by phone at +41 79 252 81 42 .


  • Who is it for

    For Pilates teachers AND teachers of all fitness and movement modalities, Therapists, curious Pilates enthusiasts.

  • When & Where

    March 24-26 2023. At PlayPilates studio, in Nyon, Switzerland (located between Geneva & Lausanne).


  • Cost for the full weekend (4 Workshops)

    Chf 600.00.

  • Cost for 2 Workshops (1 Day)

    Chf  320.00

  • Cost for a single workshop

    Chf 190.00

  • Cost for Privates & Semis

    Chf 150.- and Chf 75.- per person


  • Saturday, March 25
    • 9:00 – 9:55 – Master Class: Reformer on the Mat
    • 10:30 to 13:30 – High Chair & Wunda Chair
      Lunch Break
    • 14:30 to 17:30 – Stability Vs Mobility
  • Sunday, March 26
    • 9:00 – 9:55 –  Master Class: MC Mat workout
    • 10:30 – 13:30 – Spine Corrector
      Lunch Break
    • 14:30 – 17:30 – Shoulder Girdle, a Delicate Balance
  • Accommodation

    PlayPilates has a special rate of Sfr 190.00/per day in this beautiful hotel:

    Please email Karine to benefit from this rate. Also, a whole list of hotels is available. Reach out if you want this list!

  • Travel

    Studio is located 7min walk from the Nyon train station. If you are flying into Geneva, this train station is 20min away from the Geneva airport. Link for information on trains:


The World of Chairs

High Chair and Wunda Chair

Your Body’s Best Friends!

You didn’t know if you should invest in a High Chair, but you did…and you hardly use it. Or maybe you haven’t bought one and wonder if you ought to. It’s an amazing tool! You deserve to learn how to use it to it’s fullest for you and your clients – from Session 1 to Session 4001. Then there’s the Wunda Chair, The Home Reformer. So many exercises, it’s almost overwhelming to pick and choose…and you pick the same 3 or 4 over and over again. Let’s open the doors to the Wonderful World of Chairs! Let’s work to understand the purpose of each exercise on each chair and make it come alive for you and your clients!

Creative Spine Corrector

3 hours

Laying dusty in a hidden corner of your studio…there lays the Spine Corrector. Dust that baby off! It’s time to use this amazing piece! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform your Spine Corrector into one of the most useful piece of apparatus in your studio! You will learn how to do and teach an entire flowing workout/session on the Spine Corrector as well as how to use just a handful of exercises to enhance a full workout. With over 30 exercises, there’s a lot to work on and discover. You will also learn how to organize the exercises, how to position the clients on the apparatus and where to be to spot and cue Creative Spine Corrector.

A Fight For The Ages: Stability vs. Mobility!

3 hours

“There is a constant battle between Stability and Mobility in Pilates! I strongly disagree with those who say: just mobilize! Pilates is Contrology: the study, the art of control! So…it’s not just movement for movement’s sake! When we make strong choices of what is stable and what is mobile, exercises come alive! When we know how to stabilize and what to mobilize…then we’re much more effective in our cueing and our clients are getting so much more out of their Pilates workouts! Let’s dig in, play and discover!

Shoulder Girdle: A Delicate Balance

3 hours

The Shoulder Girdle is a complex system. When I first started teaching, all I knew was “pull your wings down” and “crack a walnut”. The more I study biomechanics, the more I know there’s no down and no cracking. It’s a delicate balance of bone, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia…and constant reassessing. Dynamic Stability is what we’re looking for. Let’s spend time studying where we’re going with the shoulder girdle and how to get there in Pilates. We’ll take time with anatomy and biomechanics, Pilates exercises, common ailments and all of your questions. Take a moment to review what you already know before the workshop…then we can grow from there.

Past Workshops

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Introductory Offers


1 Private Session
(Usual Value 120.- CHF)

Are you curious and want One trial? This is an opportunity to experience real Pilates first hand. In this one session you will have a strong flavour and a good idea of what to expect going forward and mainly to experience Pilates on the apparatus. You will also have the opportunity to discuss all our workout options and what best suits your needs.

*New client offers are a one-time only purchase.


4 Private Sessions
(Usual Value 440.-)

This package is a great introduction to Pilates and a good start to a regular workout. Your instructor will give you the hands-on guidance you need to get introduced to the apparatus and get acquainted with the Pilates detailed instructions. You can then decide to stay with private sessions or move into a Duet, a Trio or a Group class.

*New client offers are a one-time only purchase.


3 Private Sessions + 1 Group Class
(Usual value 370.-)

Interested in our Group Classes? Start HERE with this package that combines 3 individual sessions with a group class. This is a great way to get started at a low cost while getting familiar enough with the basic exercises, the language of Pilates, and the use and safety of the apparatus – mainly REFORMER & TOWER. This will give you a good foundation to join a group class (of maximum 6 people) and make the best out of your group workout. We want your training to be effective!

*New client offers are a one-time only purchase.


4 Duo Sessions
(Usual value 280.-)

This package is similar to Option B and is intended for 2 people who choose to discover the method 2gether. It is a very good introduction to Pilates and although there are 2 of you, you will benefit from a personalized attention from your instructor (you can be of different fitness levels). This initial investment will allow you to familiarize yourself with the use of the different Pilates apparatus, with the basic exercises and the language of Pilates. You can then decide to continue with the Duo sessions or switch to Group lessons.

*New client offers are a one-time only purchase.

A question ?

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by telephone at +41 79 252 81 42