Develop your Pilates practice, better understand anatomy, & movement, or grow your career with workshops and courses from PlayPilates and experienced teachers.

But why us?

You’ll learn more than just the exercises — you’ll learn the technique of teaching that makes TVW teachers so great!

You’ll work with modern biomechanics and an evidence-based point of view.

You’ll work with a team of TVW teachers who believe in kindness, understanding and community building.

Comprehensive Teacher Training

Do you want to become a Pilates teacher?

The Comprehensive Teacher Training is the 600 hour apprenticeship where you learn to teach exercises of all levels of client ability, modifications and variations.

Not ready to go “all in”?
Start with the Mat Seminar only. Then see if you’d like to continue with more.

Bridge Participation

Are you already a Pilates Teacher and you would like to either get your full training in classical Pilates or deepen your classical education with The Vertical Workshop?

Bridge Participation seminars and weekly meetings are simultaneous with those of the apprenticeship. What you’ll do in between seminars and for your exam are different. But we work in the seminars at the same time.

You can try the Mat Seminar first to see if you’d like to continue.

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Introductory Offers & Pricing


1 Private Session
(Usual Value 120.- CHF)

Curious and tempted by just ONE trial? This is your chance to experience real Pilates on the machines (Reformer, Tower, Chair), with no obligation. The next step is up to you….


4 Private Sessions
(Usual Value 440.-)

Do you prefer to start off with a much more personalized attention and/or do you have specific fitness goals. This package is also suitable and important after a long break, coming of the back of an injury or surgery, for a specific physical issue, or simply if you wish to workout on your own!
The next step: continue with individual classes or join our group classes.


3 Private Sessions + 1 Group Class
(Usual value 285.-)

Interested specifically in GROUP classes? Start with this package that combines 2 individual sessions plus 1 group class, on the Pilates apparatus: Reformer, Tower and Chair. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your fitness goals with the teacher and to enable her to better cue you in the group class setting.


1 Duo Sessions
60.- per pers.
(Usual value 75.-)

Similar to Package A, curious and tempted by ONE trial with for TWO? This is your chance to experience real Pilates on the apparatus (Reformer, Tower, Chair), with no commitment. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your fitness goals with the teacher, enabling her to tailor the classes more effectively.
The next step is up to you, either pursue with the Duo sessions or join group classes.


A question ?

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by telephone at +41 79 252 81 42